Clay Knox deals with a number of sporting clubs and individuals in a variety of sporting codes. With decades of knowledge and experience in this field we feel that we can offer an individual service, tailored to meet your every need. Over the years we have worked very closely with the HMRC in dealing with the Image Right issues arising, having led the way in which many sporting codes now conduct the Image Rights contracts and structures.

We currently provide tax advice and compliance to a number of resident and non-resident sporting individuals in many different sports. These range from Footballers, Rugby Union and League players, Racing Drivers, Tennis Players, Cricketers, Boxers and Golfers. Having a vast experience in this specific area we are able to offer a bespoke structure, tailored to each individual’s circumstances, whether they are UK Tax resident or not.


  • Intellectual Property considerations
  • Income tax planning
  • UK IHT planning
  • Tax planning entry/exit of the UK
  • Advising on non-domicile status
  • Dealing with all structuring advice and implementation
  • Filing personal income tax returns/VAT returns/accounts and corporate accounts, as appropriate
  • Revenue enquiries

For more information about how we help people in the sport sector, please contact Dan Clay.